Why Does my Head Hurt?

headaches migraines treatment

A lot of us are asking ourselves this question as humidity, heat and severe weather systems make their way to Eastern Ontario in the middle of summer.  Our heads can hurt for various reasons. Our environment, the weather, stress, and the physical demands of our daily work and family routines can all potentially trigger headaches.

Physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge regarding causes and treatment of headaches and are very effective in treating and helping you to manage migraines and headaches caused by poor posture and neck injury or strain.  The neck and the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) can both significantly contribute to headaches.  The upper part of the neck or the cervical spine has joints, discs, ligaments and nerves which, when stressed or injured, commonly cause pain to spread into the head.  In a similar fashion, the jaw joint structures, including the surrounding muscles, refer pain into the head. A visit to your physiotherapist and a careful examination will lead to an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your headache.

Physiotherapists are trained in many approaches to treat and manage migraines and other headaches.  Acupuncture is a strong tool in the treatment of headaches and when thoughtfully applied leads to a decrease in frequency and severity of headaches.  Other helpful treatments include TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and LASER.  Physiotherapists work with each patient to decide on the best course of treatment for that individual.  More importantly, physiotherapy treatment can lead to relief of these oppressive symptoms allowing you to return unhindered to your favourite summer activities.

At Best Health Physiotherapy your therapist will guide you with education and treatment methods to enjoy your summer to its fullest.  Be the best you can be!