Why choose Physiotherapy?

benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are often asked to explain how physiotherapy is different from other professions that provide treatment for injuries, and which professional is best for treating different conditions.  An excellent summary of our regulated health profession is found in a document called Description of Physiotherapy in Canada:

“The heart of the physiotherapy profession… is understanding how and why movement and function take place. Physiotherapists are highly skilled and autonomous health professionals who provide safe, quality client-centred assessment and treatment…..”

This question can be partly answered by understanding physiotherapy education.  Entry-level physiotherapists have a professional Master’s degree with training that includes in depth human anatomy, physiology, pathology, human development, biomechanics, exercise physiology, the science of electro-physical treatments, statistics, literature reviews, professionalism, and ethics.  Physiotherapy training also has a large clinical component, with students having hundreds of hours of supervised practice in all types of health care settings.

Perhaps the best answer to the question “why choose physiotherapy?” is rooted in the key attributes of our profession.  Physiotherapy is assessment based and informed by good quality research evidence.  A skilled physiotherapist employs a high level of problem solving and clinical reasoning skills for each individual patient’s situation. Physiotherapists know how to effectively apply the many tools available to them for optimum treatment results.  They are continuously re-evaluating as they treat.  Most importantly, assessment and treatment are patient centered with the patient’s needs and goals at the core of the process.

At Best Health Physio, our staff have decades of experience with in depth training in a broad range of specialized areas. Our approach to physiotherapy assessment and treatment acknowledges that each individual’s condition is unique and will require unique treatment. Our work with patients involves careful attentive listening, thorough physical assessment, and thoughtful intervention – as the patient, your needs and goals are central to this process.  Our physical space is designed to support optimum treatment outcomes.  It is accessible, comfortable and welcoming.  All treatment rooms are private and all treatment is one on one with a physiotherapist.