Knee Bracing – Bridging the Gap

persistent chronic joint pain

Spring is here but you lack the confidence to mow the lawn, plant the garden or hike the K&P trail.  Your arthritic knee has not improved over the course of the winter but you are not ready for a knee replacement … “too young, arthritis not advanced enough”, or there is a long waiting list for a procedure.

There are choices to help you bridge the gap such as strengthening exercise, physiotherapy or medication.  When your daily activities such as standing, walking or managing the stairs remain painful, knee bracing can assist.   Whether your knee cap needs some guidance in its tracking on the femur or you have torn a major supportive ligament that requires re-enforcement, there are bracing options to aid in your quest for a more active life and an improved fitness level.

The most common reason for bracing your knee is osteoarthritic or degenerative change of the joint.  You may have heard of off-loading knee braces. Using principles of physics the contact points of the off-loading brace offer decompression of one of the two main compartments of the knee joint.  At Best Health Physiotherapy, we offer over the counter or custom knee bracing through our partner Bledsoe, one of the largest providers of custom knee braces world wide.  Your physiotherapist will select the most appropriate brace for you dependent upon your condition, and your functional needs and goals.

Custom knee bracing will give you a leg up on your summer fitness ambitions, whether it is a simple walk around the block or hiking Rock Dunder.  Minimizing your knee pain will limit pain associated muscle loss and weakness. You will be in better condition when and if you do require surgery.

Happy hiking from your independent physiotherapy provider Best Health Physiotherapy – Knowledge In Motion!