Kara Messenger, PT

Karar Messenger physiotherapist

I have been practicing physiotherapy since graduating from Queen’s University in 2016. My practice was initially in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. With time I have developed an interest in specializing in women’s pelvic health. My primary focus is in urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. In providing pelvic health physiotherapy, I strive to create an environment where patients feel comfortable. Patient trust and comfort is vital to the success of treatment. My priority when working with each of my patients is to develop individualized treatment plans that fully address assessment findings and achieve the patient’s desired goals.. An important part of every patient’s treatment is education. Having the correct knowledge and understanding of their pelvic health empowers patients to participate in treatment and is important for successful outcomes.

As part of my dedication to bringing the utmost care and specialized skills to my practice, I am an active participant in professional development courses. One of my personal goals is to spread awareness about the need for pelvic health physiotherapy and the benefits it can offer.


  • MSc Physical Therapy 2016 – Queen’s University
  • BMSc Honours 2012 – Western University
  • Level 1: The Physical Therapy Approach to Female and Male Urinary Incontinence – Pelvic Health Solutions