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At Best Health Physio we are dedicated to providing optimal, compassionate patient care. All parts of your physio experience are important to us.  In these challenging times especially, we realize every aspect of that care is meaningful.

We take the privacy and confidentiality of patients very seriously, as required by law.  Given that, we designed our clinic with 100 % private treatment rooms.  You can be comfortable knowing that you have complete privacy and that any potential infection concern is minimized, both by limited contact with others and our rigourous cleaning procedures.   You can access a virtual tour of our lovely space at

Our approach to physiotherapy assessment and treatment involves careful attentive listening, thorough physical assessment, and thoughtful intervention – as the patient, your needs and goals are central to this process.  We have broad training in multiple approaches to musculoskeletal assessment and can draw on treatment approaches such as acupuncture, manual mobilization, traction, LASER, therapeutic Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, specific exercise and education.  Our therapists will plan a treatment program with your input, that will include whatever treatments are appropriate for you.

All physiotherapy assessment and treatments are conducted by your physiotherapist.  No part of your treatment is delegated or assigned to anyone else.  This way you can be confident that your treatments are conducted exactly as intended.

To ease the financial costs associated with receiving physio care, we have arranged our billing practices as much as possible to minimize your up front costs.  If you have extended health benefits that cover all or a portion of the cost of physiotherapy care, and your insurer allows direct billing, we can arrange that for you.  Once we have your insurance information and have confirmed that direct billing is allowed, we can do this at the time of your visit and you only need pay the balance owing, if any.

For individuals who have been in a car accident, organizing your physiotherapy or massage treatment can be a daunting task.  At Best Health Physio, not only are our therapists experienced in working with individuals after a car accident, but our Office Manager, Terri Caughey, has many years of experience helping people complete the required paperwork and understanding the process.  Additionally, we are set up to bill directly to the Health Claims for Auto Insurance online system, so you are not out of pocket for your physiotherapy expenses.

If you need physiotherapy assessment and treatment, Best Health Physiotherapy is a safe, accessible and comfortable clinic with knowledgeable, experienced, caring therapists and staff.  Contact us 613 634 2378 to find out more.