Compression is Important for Everyone

Healthy circulation is vital for your body to function properly. Your blood travels from your heart via your arteries, which takes oxygen-rich blood to the tissues throughout your body. Your veins collect the oxygen-depleted blood from

Motion is Lotion!

Motion is lotion. This saying is a memorable way to convey the helpful effects of movement for any painful condition. In general, in most painful conditions, with too much rest, people stiffen up and get more

Snow Shoveling Time Again

Snow shoveling time again! How can we avoid back injury? Snow shoveling can be one of the most strenuous things many of us do. It is also a common cause of low back injuries. We think

Why choose Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are often asked to explain how physiotherapy is different from other professions that provide treatment for injuries, and which professional is best for treating different conditions.  An excellent summary of our regulated health profession is

What is a Rotator Cuff?

Many folks with shoulder pain have been told that they have a “rotator cuff” injury, but really have no idea what that is!  This type of injury refers to a group of muscles around the shoulder