Active Compression and Cold Exchange

The “RICE” protocol – rest, ice, compression and elevation – has long been a mainstay of post-injury treatment. Cryotherapy has come a long way over the years from simple ice packs to state of the art, well-fitting wraps that are anatomically engineered to accommodate all body shapes. The most recent advance is concurrent continuously circulating cold and intermittent compression developed by Game Ready®.

Best Health Physiotherapy is now offering the Game Ready® system for rent. The Game Ready® system provides intermittent compression concurrently with cold to give state of the art post-injury pain and swelling relief. The Game Ready® device progressively increases and releases pressure while rapidly circulating ice water through separate chambers in a variety of easy to fit wraps specific to different joints.

Game Ready® wraps feature unique ATX (Active Temperature Exchange) Technology. This technology allows for heat to be drawn from the area of an injury by continuously replenishing cold water drawn from an ice reservoir. The water, which warms as it travels over the injury site, circulates back to the ice reservoir to be cooled again. This process provides a highly efficient thermal exchange. Game Ready® offers a standard of care currently unsurpassed in the world of cryotherapy with pain relief, ease of use and accelerated recovery.

Ask us at Best Health Physio about our Game Ready® post-surgical rental program or our ‘in-house’ clinic treatment options. The Game Ready® system can meet your acute injury needs whether it be an ankle sprain or post-surgical pain and swelling.